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International Consulting

BAS are an independent global benefits consultancy, providing support to multi-nationals in relation to global benefits packages, regardless of their starting position. The below services summary provides an overview of the kinds of projects we assist our clients with:


BAS provide the opportunity to independently review your current global benefits strategy. These projects allow employers to draw a line in the sand and find out whether their benefits are compliant and market competitive for each country your organization operates in. An audit includes a summary of your existing programs, and recommendations for your benefits package going forward..

Due Diligence:

Our due diligence reports assess benefits liabilities and costs. BAS also helps transition employees and benefit programs throughout the acquisition process.


BAS’ benefits establishment service is designed to assist firms in understanding the employee benefits market in new territories.

Many firms enter into a new country with an expectation of what benefits they might like to setup, however it is vital that companies are alert to local practices, despite being a multinational parent. There are a number of factors which go into determining the benefits strategy in a new country:

  • Compliance / mandatory benefits
  • Company culture
  • Benchmark
  • Budgets
  • Administration Fees


Managing global benefits can be a challenge in both knowledge and time. BAS supports multi-national clients on a retainer basis to facilitate the management of global renewals, compliance/legislative updates and problem solving, ensuring that the global benefits strategy runs without disruption. This also allows the business to implement changes accordingly, ensuring they keep pace with the local benefits market in a manner suited to their global strategy.


Multinational pooling / insurance consolidation allows insurance coverage of sporadic employees to be brought together into a ‘wrapped’ arrangement, enabling greater purchasing power and reducing administrative burden.

BAS are also able to audit and review existing arrangements.

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