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UK Employee Benefits

Retirement Solutions

Retirement plans in the UK are the most important employee benefit you will deal with, not only because they are mandatory in the UK but also due to the expense involved.

BAS will assist in increasing awareness amongst employees creating a better sense of appreciation, whilst also helping you as the employer navigate the legislative complexities, ensuring your plan is compliant, low risk and well considered.

BAS assist with all aspects of UK pensions.

Risk & Healthcare Plans

As corporate advisors BAS are able to effectively review and manage a complete range of Health & Welfare programs. BAS focuses on ensuring these benefits are fully compliant through our skill as a consultancy, rather than simply brokering plans.

When building or reviewing your plans there are various factors BAS will work through with you which will influence where you spend your benefits budget and the balance you apply to your Health & Welfare strategy. BAS will provide key insight into the local value placed on each benefit line and display our knowledge of the market to help you confidently say, ‘Culturally, our benefits are right for our firm’

Employee Education

BAS are able to provide in depth guidance on all aspects of the employee benefits that are rolled out to our corporate clients, and as such we are well positioned to educate employees on their benefits and work with them to maximise appropriate usage.

BAS offers the opportunity for employees to engage in trusted independent financial advice to facilitate coverage for areas employers should not. The team of advisors at BAS consider a client's overall affairs and are able to help bridge the gap in knowledge to find suitable solutions for each individual’s needs.

Our advisors specialize in providing advice on pensions, investments, protection and tax planning.*

*The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice

Benefits Governance / Due Diligence

Whether for legislation, best practice or deal purposes, BAS are able to provide a thorough independent review of your employee benefits programs. A process which involves delving into all manner of business and legal issues including, for example; compliance with anti-trust laws, accounting principles, environmental regulations and tax requirements.

BAS are able to assist independently in reviewing and providing governance across your employee benefit plans to identify risk factors and help to manage those issues going forward.

Technology Adoption

BAS benefit from being an independent consultancy, we focus on assessing the needs of our clients, before recommending which benefits platform might fit their business best. Technology can improve benefits communication, streamline scheme administration and cut HR time and costs, but only if the appropriate due diligence is done before selecting a platform and a thorough understanding is gained.

BAS do not endorse any technology providers enabling us to give objective technological advice.

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